Another Challenge Bites the Dust

24 days have come and gone.  Didn’t get to push the limit the last 7 days like I wanted to.  After my awesome run last Monday and a good workout Tuesday I strained my neck Wednesday and have had a chance to workout due to my recovery.  I was out with friends and traveling all weekend and so I slouched on my diet a little bit.  

It happens…. But I’m going to get these things remedied so that I can attack the Spartan Race with full speed ahead.  How’d the challenge go?  Well… Here’s the progress pictures. 


Big difference.  Still got some toning to do… But in a much better and healthier place than I was a month ago.  Lowest I was on this challenge was 196.8.  Dropping the pounds opens me up to a lot of things and I’m able to do runs like this now:

When I started training for this Spartan Race back in November… Never ever thought I’d be able to get to this level of running.  10:52 is with a warmup walk and cool down and interval training.  Today my phone died halfway through my run… And when it did and I focused on my breathing and pace with no music – I went from 10:03 to 9:08… Nearly a minute faster.  Never thought I would reach this point of cardio – ever. 

Not done yet… Some more work to do – some more products to test out: Rehydrate Gel, O2 Gold, and others of the Performance Elite – but I’m excited for the road ahead – both physically, mentally, and emotionally.  For the first time in a long long time… I’m happy being me.  

Peace, Love, and Laughter,




The Biggest Loser ISN’T Reality

That’s right you heard it here… The Biggest Loser isn’t based in reality.  It may be a “reality TV” show… But it isn’t based in reality.  Over the last month I’ve seen about 20 new people come to my gym and start their fitness journey and quit in the midst of a workout and leave, or get discouraged because their unable to complete it.

Here are some things to consider…

Fact 1) It took years to put on the weight.  

No one goes to bed one night with flat stomach or six pack abs and wake up the next morning overweight.  It’s taken years of decisions, food choices, life style choices to get to that point.  That’s not judgement – it’s fact.  Guess what… I HAVE BEEN THERE.  I have chosen the hot wings, the double bacon cheeseburgers, the dark beers, the chocolate lava cakes… You name it.  Been there.  But what takes to get the pounds off isn’t a fad diet, or a temporary change of these choices – IT IS A LIFE DECISION CHANGE.  I had to meet with a trainer to figure out how to eat right, proportions, type of foods, and Lifestyle Choices.  

Fact 2) It will take YEARS for it to come off.

Perhaps more of a struggle than the weight is the mental hurdle we have to face when doing these things. We will get weak – see a McDonalds or a craft beer and want it… Soo… Soo.. Bad. It takes discipline to make the right choices.  It will take diet, exercise, and discipline to get the weight to come off.  This is where my the title of the blog comes from.

I love the Biggest Loser.  I think it’s a fantastic and well produced TV show that takes you on an emotional journey.  However, while in the category of a reality TV show it isn’t based in reality.  In reality, people do not work 40 hour work weeks, have families, and then find time to workout and eat right and drop 10 pounds a week.  

The Biggest Loser is an isolated pressure cooker.. They work out 3-4 times a day, have doctors and specialists on hand 24 hours a day, no work schedule, a chef in the house, and some of the best trainers in the world working with them daily.  Last I checked… Normal people don’t have that.  We have so much on our plates in the real world that it’s impossible to match those results.

So when I see the aforementioned people in the gym, I just want to shake them and say.. Keep pushing, keep working, DO NOT GIVE UP!  This takes time! But we live in such an instant gratification society that if we don’t see a pound weightloss after a workout people quit.  It doesn’t help when the “gym rats” become “gym brats” and complain about the new people in the gyms.  PRAISE THEM!  Encourage them!  They’re on their A JOURNEY and rather than isolate them – help them realize their full potential and goals!  

I’m on day 17 of my 5th cleanse.. Trying to tone up.  I am someone who goes kickboxing 4-5 days a week, and runs 2-3 times a week, work 40+ hours a week, travel to Atlanta to see my parents and girlfriend, and tries to make healthy decisions.  I’ve made conscious choices to be healthy… Or at least try to.  Here’s my latest comparison picture.  


I hit 197.4 on Tuesday this week.  I was super excited.  Because of that I literally changed nothing about my diet.. Not one thing that got me that low, and this morning was back up to 199.6.  It’s super frustrating, this is why we call it “a journey.”  I’m not going to get discouraged.. I’m going to focus, trying new fitness tools like my Elevation Training Mask, and keep pushing.  I just hope that those whom need the push, find some form of solace in this post.

Love & Laughter,


Day 10, 24 Day Challenge… 275 days later

Hello again Blogosphere… It’s been 275 days since I’ve put anything up on my blog regarding my journey towards health and fitness.   A lot has changed for me mentally, physically, and emotionally since April 23, 2015.  This blog will not go into all of that – but what I will do is say – I am finally happy with myself for the first time in a very long time.  I’ve always been a happy-go-lucky type of person, I’ve always been one to talk to people when he was down, but when I looked in the mirror – I wasn’t happy with myself, or what I saw looking back.  Fast forward 275 days… I’m training for a Spartan Race in March, I am 23 days sober in preparations for this race, I’ve learned how to run (up to almost 5 miles), and I’ve learned how to accept my own self worth.

I’ll also add that over the last 275 days – I have MAINTAINED the weight I want.  My goal weight is always under 200, however, I’ll take 200 + or – 5 lbs.  And I’ve done just that.  I’m in a size 33 jeans for the first time in my life, and I’m now at the point where it’s no longer about weight loss, rather about toning.  Which I’m beginning to find is 2x as hard as the weight loss itself.

The point of this blog is not to gloat about where I am, it’s not to sell products, it’s 1) a way of keeping me accountable, 2) a way to show my journey when you think yours may not be possible, and 3) to inspire – I try to do that daily through teaching – health and fitness is another way I think we can start a journey to all be happy..

So to start this new process for me, I had already cut alcohol from my life – and to be honest I don’t really miss it – feel happier, feel more clear minded, and just overall better.  I also cut down on the bad food the last 17 days and splurged only once a week if that.  Fast forward to Jan 13th and I began my 5th 24 Day Challenge by Advocare.  Of course I was gonna take the obligatory pictures.. however decided to do it a little different this time – to really see what the different looked like without the A-Shirt covering it.  So.. this is as naked as I’ve ever been on the internet, but I’m willing to do it for documentation.

Day 1: Jan. 13, 2016

It’s not the best body in the world, not the worst.  Got me some love handles, got me some belly fat, and some chest muscles that are trying to peek through.  So Day 1… the new 10-Day Cleanse phase is different from the first 4 times I’ve done it – just Fiber (which I’ve been putting in my meal-replacement shake, more on that in a sec), the probiotic in the morning, and herbal cleanse at night.  Before it was like a weird formula of taking certain pills at certain times.  The simplicity is very nice.  Speaking of simplicity, I’ve kept my meals extremely simple this time through.

Meal Plan:

30 min Before Breakfast: Spark, Catalyst, and Probiotic

Breakfast: Meal Replacement Shake w/ Fiber

Lunch: Salad with Ham &/or Turkey, Granola bar, and Apple Slices

Snack: Only did this before hard workouts – Oatmeal

Dinner: Omegaplex, Protein (Chicken, Pork, Turkey), Starch (Brown Rice, Potato), and 2 cups of Veggies

Dessert: Sparingly, but granola. Catalyst before Bed.

This is not the plan exactly as Advocare recommends, but it works for me.  Now for the results – is it working?

Day 3: Jan 15, 2016

I notice a little contouring around my sides and especially my love handles.  I had done a 4 mile run and a 9 Round Workout the day before.. so I was pretty sore and exhausted going into that day’s pictures.

Day 8: Jan. 20, 2016
 Major reduction in belly, love handles, and it looks like it starting to bust up the keg in hopes that a six pack is hiding behind it.  Knew all those crunches were paying off 😛

Day 10: Jan. 23, 2016 

I can actually see some definition – for the first time since I was an undergraduate at UD.  And I hadn’t ever worked out a day in my life up there.  This is not a finished product – I still have a MAX phase – which I’m also modifying from the prescribed plan.

I do not like MNS… period.  I’ve tried all three versions: MNS-C, MNS-E, and MNS-3.  They literally give me anxiety, make me feel like I’m shaking, and the E (energy) make me feel like my skin is crawling.  MNS-C I don’t feel does enough to stop my cravings for food – but at the same time – that’s not an issue for me right now.  So here’s my modification:

30 min before Breakfast: Crave Check SR, Probiotic Restore, Catalyst

Breakfast: Meal Replacement Shake

30 min before Lunch: Crave Check SR

Lunch: Salad with Ham &/or Turkey, Granola bar, and Apple Slices

Snack: Only did this before hard workouts – Oatmeal

Dinner: Omegaplex, Carb-Ease, Protein (Chicken, Pork, Turkey), Starch (Brown Rice, Potato), and 2 cups of Veggies

Dessert: Sparingly, but granola, Catalyst before bed

I’ll post pictures around Day 17 and see if it’s maintaining after the cleanse phase.  I know you have more exciting things to do than read this… But again, I post this all to say – it’s possible.  I’m a not doing anything super special.  I go to the gym 3-4 days a week, run 3-4 days a week, and have been on a journey to get where I am today for over 3 years.

My diet during my cleanse and MAX phase are the same – because that’s my diet… I’ve figured it out.  Diet is not a two week thing… it’s a lifestyle.  If you want to make this choice for you – do it.  I don’t care if it’s Advocare, if it’s Nutrition 310, Optimum Nutrition, whatever – find your own voice and use it.

Peace, Love, and Laughter



Day 50 – Milestone Reached!!

Ever since I started my journey towards health and fitness… 5 years ago… I’ve wanted to get to “One-derland”… There were times it seemed like an insurmountable goal.  At my heaviest I was 280 pounds.  I ate Chicken Wings once a week (18-24 of them), 4 slices of pizza, drank heavy beers and drinks often, and bottom line the last thing I cared about was the types of food I was putting into my body.

My first trainer told me, it’s not about a diet, it’s about a lifestyle change.  If you want to lose weight and be healthy it’s about being committed to it, sticking with it, and facing the battles good and bad.  Much like a relationship you have with someone.  There will be temptations, there will be moments of weakness, and there will be times you do the wrong things – but all fences can be mended with time.

I’m not going to lie and say that I’ve been disciplined everyday the last 5 years.  I can admit I use food as an escape when I’m sad or depressed; See the entire year I was in Vermont.  3.5 years ago I got down to 230 through simple diet and exercise.

August 2012

When I left Vermont 2 years ago I was back up to a size 40 dress pant and up to 260 again.  

May 2013.

When I moved to Tennessee I decided that I was going to get my health and fitness in order.  I started going to Crossfit.  And for a year and half that I went I was one of the slowest members both in development of Strength and in WoD’s of Crossfit Mayday… But it never discouraged me because of the people in the gym.  Everyone was motivating, we had each other’s back, and we were improving.  

March 2014

After I herniated my disc… It was hard to find motivation to go – I couldn’t do the workouts without severe modification, when I did the modifications I was very slow and hurt for days because my back wasn’t strong enough to keep up with things.  It’s around this time that I started my AdvoCare journey thanks to Johnna Tate.

I’ve done three 24 day challenges since June.  Each one paying more dividends than the last.  The difference is this time I decided to see what would happen if I carried the products further than the challenge, and lived an “AdvoCare lifestyle” – eating right, using their products, and following their guide to exercise and nutrition.

My typical day goes like this:

30 minutes before meal: Catalyst, Thermoplus, MNS Packet

Breakfast: Meal Replacement Shake

Workout: at 9 round, Protein Shake

30 minutes before Lunch: Thermoplus, MNS Packet

Lunch: salad with veggies,  turkey, and sweet and dried cranberries.  Apple, granola bar.

Snack: banana and maybe another granola.

Dinner: chicken/pork/turkey, baked potato, can of vegetables. Omegaplex, Carbease.

(Sometimes a casein protein shake at night

Before Bed: Catalyst, 4 Night Time Recovery.

FYI been using MNS 3 the last two weeks, but just haven’t felt like it feels as good throughout the day as MNS C.

POINT IS: After 50 Days… I hit my 5 year goal… And the goal of this blog and this 24 Day Challenge.  If only for a moment – I’ve eclipsed “One-derland”


It may be by .4 pounds… But I’ll take it.  This doesn’t mean I am going to go out and have a double stack of pancakes now… It means what I’m doing it working, and I’ve found my balance – even by eating out, having an occasional drink, and living what I would consider a very normal healthy life.  

If you read this, and can relate to any of it, let’s talk.  There’s no reason to look at yourself in the mirror and not be happy with where you want to be and how to get there.  Like I said it’s taken me 5 years to get here.. With a lot of detours and bad stops along the way.  I’m not perfect, but I’m gonna make me the best me I can be.  And if you’re reading this – you’re one of my friends and I want that for you too.  
Here’s to staying to wonderland (spelled correctly) and the next 50 days of this journey!  

P.S. Thank you Johnna for not even knowing I needed to get to this place – and being a guide, mentor, friend, and sponsor.  Thank you for AdvoCare. You’re a large part of getting me to wonderland… Hope to stay 🙂

Day 46 –

Today is Day 46 of my “24 Day Challenge.”  I decided to carry Advocare further and tried out a few more products along the way and thought I would share my review here. 

 First, on Day 25 I started another 14 days of MNS C(ontrol) to stabilize my weight at the 200 pound mark and not start eating like a house again.  I’ve continued to also use the Meal Replacement Shakes, OmegaPlex (fish oil), Catalyst, and Thermoplus.  

I also added Nighttime Recovery for the days when I have tough workouts and Carbease to help breakdown any carbs that I may have because I avoid them like the plague now a days.



I’m proud to say that I’ve lost another inch from my waist and am now wearing a size 34 Dress pant for the first time since 7th grade!!   


Granted I’m slightly taller than I was back then…

But I have the same size waist as the dude on the right pictured above….   

…God I miss having hair… Anyway, point is that I’ve found a combination of products that has slimmed down my waist line, allowed me to continue building muscle, shrinking my belly, and maintain my healthy weight of 200 (I fluctuate between 200 – 204, but that’s a ton better than 210 – 240 as has been the last year!)

The 24 Day Challenge was a kickstart to a healthy lifestyle.  Between the products, eating right, and working out at 9 Round 5-6 days a week, I’ve never been in better shape or healthier in my life.  

If you want to jump start some healthiness to the summer and get ready for that beach body let me know.  I won’t ever pressure you to do anything you’re not ready for – but I also wouldn’t recommend anything that I didn’t believe in.  Here’s to the next 24 days.

Challenge Complete

I finished my 24 day Challenge yesterday, but have been out of town for a conference and couldn’t take my measurements or pictures until today.

So here goes!

Front Picture – 

Side View –     

Scale –  

Overall Results –  

Moral of the Story – I lost 16 pounds, an inch from my waist line, and an inch from my hip line.  This was done by eating clean, not drinking (except St. Patrick’s Day), exercising 5 days a week, and balancing Strep Throat in the midst of all that. I’m very satisfied with my results. 

I’m also so proud of my friend Meagan for starting her Challenge and is already down 4 pounds in 4 days.  Folks, this stuff just works.  

I’ve been sleeping better – like longer, uninterrupted sleep.. I don’t really desire the bad foods… My lunches of salad with ham and turkey slices (a faux Cobb salad) with an apple, and a granola bar have filled me, and are very enjoyable.  I’ve started eating more/different fruits – pineapple & Halo oranges.  

I enjoyed a new recipie with pork chops the other day with Pineapple and a homemade BBQ sauce and broccoli.


I’ve also decided to continue the max phase for another 14 days.  Just to see how I do.  I’ll throw in a normal breakfast in with the meal replacement shakes (holy Moses is the Mint Brownie amazing)… And I’m going to try Carb Ease Plus during this next 14 days.  


I’m going to try this because the breakdown of fats sounds like a thing that I need to take the final phase.  I have abs… They’re still hiding under some fluff that I’m tired of.  This isn’t to say I don’t see the progress from where I’ve come from.  


It seems like forever ago that I was that picture on the left… Sometimes I don’t even recognize him.  What I do know… I’m older and in much better shape.  And I’m not done yet.  This isn’t about a goal or an ending point, it’s about finding health and happiness.  Advocare has opened that door for me to reach my goals – safe, smart, and effective.  It’s no secret I disagree with some of their products (see Spark, and Slam); but the ones I’m willing to use and advocate for you all – is worth it. 

Here’s to the next 14 days of the journey… and hoping to see One-derland.  

Day 14 – 206.2

206.2. I’ve been on this challenge for two weeks and have lost 10 pounds.  When’s the last time you lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks? 

This is my third challenge and I’m still dumbfounded by the results I get when I do them.  Now if I could only eat clean between challenges!  

My friend Stephanie asked me if I noticed any difference in using the Thermoplus this challenge from others.  I have noticed that my belly area is trimming, and that instead of two cups of coffee I’m using only one.  With that one I feel completely satisfied with my alertness, and no real desire for the extra caffeine I normally use.  So I may have to go with a yes I do.  I have a feeling that’s why you take it in the morning 🙂

I may waiver a little bit of the diet for St. Patrick’s Day but will try to control myself to reach my goal of 199.  I have 10 days and 7 pounds to go.  If I continue my activity at the gym, continue to eat clean I know I will hit my goal. Mind you the last time I did a challenge I ended at 204.2, and I’m only 2 pounds from that! I got this!  

I may go for a walk around my neighborhood as it is now approaching sunset and my turkey burger is getting settled in my belly.  I love these mid 70’s with no clouds weather.  Hard to believe we had snow days two weeks ago! Cheers!

Day 11 – Max Phase

I sometimes forget that on the MAX Phase that you feel like you’re taking a small pharmacy in the mornings.  Here is the 30 minutes before breakfast:

I have two different types of Meal Replacement Shakes.  I tried the Chocolate Mocha today – I’m not going to lie, wasn’t that impressed.  It was like Chocolate…with a hint of coffee flavor – but completely unsatisfying.  I think I’m going to search online tonight and try to find some recipes that can be used with the shake that make it taste a little better.  On the upside I have no fears of the Chocolate Brownie Shake 🙂

The Thermoplus smells like Herbs, and much like the other pills – goes down with no problems.  I’m wondering if I should have gotten the Carb-Ease, but I don’t think Carbohydrates (at least with as little as I’m taking in for THIS challenge) is a problem. 

Then comes the MNS (Metabolic Nutrition System).  They come in Three Varieties:

MNS 3 (Comprehensive – Appetite Control + Energy) – 

MNS E (Energy) –

MNS C (Appetite Control) – 

I’ve elected to go with MNS C this time around because I’ve done MNS 3 and it works well.  The energy portion, for me with two cups of coffee almost has me with gitters.  So I decided that for this particular challenge, since I’m really trying to trim for the final stages of my Goals… I don’t want to snack too heavily or want to destroy a double cheeseburger by dinner – I want it to control my cravings.  When 6:00pm came around today… I wasn’t that hungry but needed to eat so that I could get to a concert.  At 9:00pm, I’m a little hungry, but I have a snack coming up that will finish my cravings. 

All of the MNS packets come with 4 individual pouches: 

One set you take 30 minutes before Breakfast with your optional Thermoplus and Catalyst.  One packet 30 minutes before Lunch.  And then the two white packets with Lunch (the packet says with breakfast or lunch, but take it with lunch, it’s in all the instructional packets).  For those of you who are busy and on the go – this can be a serious pain in the rear.

What I try to do, is take the ones I need before lunch with me (to class, or whatever), when I finish teaching or am at the end of my class – take them, and then eat lunch at my normal time.  Do I think the pills will self-destruct if you eat 20 minutes after taking them… probably not, but these pills are designed, if you can stick to around the thirty minute guidelines, to aid you with extra energy (E), appetite control (C), or both (3). 

In my opinion, this “Max Phase” is where trimming really comes into play.  The cleanse just gets rid of all the crap (figuratively and literally) that was in your system – and this refines it.  Much like a sculpture, you make large scale forms and shapes.  Then for what feels like forever, you sculpt, mold, trim, and refine the figure for a long time.  Slowly but surely things come together and before you know it you have a final product. 

Now the beautiful thing about the MAX phase is that it can continue for the next 90 days until your next challenge.  MNS is meant to be a multi-vitamin supplement.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s expensive.  $44 for 14 days is much more than you would pay for “Optimen” by Optimum Nutrition.  However, this is a circumstance where I believe you’re paying for a quality product that regiments what your body needs throughout the day.  Optimen doesn’t do that.  Conversely, I’m not sure I would want to do a Meal Replacement Shake everyday for the rest of my life – daddy likes his eggs and bacon – but if you’re running late it’s a completely acceptable and viable healthy alternative. 

Anyone who is reading this – a 24 Day Challenge is not meant for you to eat right and make smart decisions for 24 days and then go back to your old ways.  It is designed to be a jump start to a LIFESTYLE CHANGE.  Fortunately for me, I met with a nutritionist and dietician years ago.  Currently the only things that I had to cut out of my normal diet are the chips, and granola bars.  I don’t have to make a ton of changes to get the results I want.  Some of you may.  If that’s the case, and are seeing my results (someone who doesn’t need to lose a LOT of weight) think about the results you would get and if you would want similar things to happen to you for the next year, or two, or however long… chances are you may find yourself blogging about your journey towards health and happiness. 

I’ll post a picture at Day 14, and then Day 24 to show the completion of my journey.  I may not blog much between now and then.  If you have any questions –  feel free to ask – I’m here for you.  If you want to start your journey let’s talk and get you started!

Day 10

I took a few days off to just enjoy the cleanse and Spring Break without the need to blog.  I’ve stayed very clean on the approved food choices, worked out at 9 Round 8 out of 10 days… Which for me and where I was in my fitness journey is an amazing feat!  I had literally taken two months off to let my back rest up from the abuse coming back to Crossfit and my disc had given it.  I feel great.  Next to no pain, no need to stretch out with a lacrosse ball buried in my back for an hour, or a heating pad everyday.  I’m sure that my injury is not going to be buried – that I will have flare ups, and need to take care of it – but for right now… I feel A-Mazing!

So few days off… Where am I now.  Well: 

This is me this morning on the last day of the cleanse phase.  I still have a 14 day max phase to go.  You tell me, do you see a difference?  I do.  This is the same exact outfit 10 days later.  Face, stomach, love handles… I see it.  I don’t think it’s psychosomatic, it’s real.  After the max phase – you will definitely see it.  Two weeks to go.

For the record, I made some of the meals I had posted about earlier.

The turkey leg: 

Took a LOT longer to cook than the directions indicated… Took nearly 2.5 hours not 1.  But was so tasty!

The vegan burger:

Was SURPRISINGLY very good.  The only problem I had with this meal was the lack of a protein.  In my left overs I fixed that with the addition of an egg.  

Last night I went out for dinner and had a Cobb salad, no cheese, and light dressing with chicken.  There are always modifications you can make to eat right.  Now when I get off the cleanse, will I cheat? Sure.  But in moderation. All things in moderation.  I’m not going to order a bucket of fried chicken and loaded potatoes and wonder why I feel like a bloated calf…. But if I have it once in a two week span, sub the potatoes for a salad.. It’s not nearly as bad.

Side bar, I’m exited for my friend Meagan who just ordered her 24 Day Challenge!  I hope she produces some amazing results and documents her journey as well.  Go Meagan!

Will post more on the Max Phase as I get started tomorrow!

Day 4 – 5

First and foremost you all need to get on these.  

Following up on my Shamrock Shake Rant from last time… THESE ARE HEALTHIER, A GREAT BREAKFAST OR DESERT SHAKE, AND THEY WILL NOT LAST LONG AND WILL BE AMAZING! $3.20 per shake… Where you gonna get that cheaper?

Order here:

Okay, sales pitch aside, I’ve felt absolutely Awesome.  I’m not sure if it’s the cleanse, better diet, or the 4 days of exercise in the last 5 days at 9 Round or a combination of the above… But I feel: happier, more energetic, slept better, my back pain has diminished in comparison of the last few months.  When I say happier, I’ve found myself just smiling more… It could be the rebirth of the endorphins I’ve been lacking by not working out the last two months… But I just feel great.

I’ve continued to eat clean. Last night was a Turkey Burger (93% lean), baked potato, green beans, and after a GREAT core workout I wanted some extra veggies, so I added a salad.

I also wanted to show the condiments I’m using.  Smart balance spray butter, and the lite balsamic. 

Tonight was a Buffalo Chicken Breast, potato, wax & green beans, and a salad.

I may have been so hungry from my workout that I had taken a bite or two… Oops :). 

I’m showing pictures of my food to show that you can vary up your meals a little bit and stay on the program guide.  I’m not a fish fan at all – which on this challenge limits my protein options on what I can eat to Turkey, ground beef (93%).. And a few other things. Luckily I enjoy Chicken and Turkey so I can maintain this fairly easily.  For those of you who eat fish, you’ll love it. I just can’t stand it.  Tomorrow night I’m thinking of making a recipie I found on the 9 Round Facebook page

Tell me that doesn’t look amazing.  Go ahead, I dare you.  

I’m really enjoying 9 Round.  It definitely helps to relieve some stress, and is really an endurance test everyday.  It puts minimal strain on my back as I heal up, makes me use my core – which is essential for my back to get stronger and my disc to repair, and I get to punch & kick stuff.  Everyday is different and it pushes me in different ways.  I’m hoping to get another workout in tomorrow.  It’s kinda awesome.  

So figure update: 

I can see it in the stomach, my face, and the love handles are starting to diminish.  Remember this is still the cleanse part of the phase… Day 5.  Folks, this stuff works.  I’m not sucking in a gut, I’m not doctoring or photoshopping, I’m just documenting.. Which is the entire point of this blog.  I’ve got 19 days to go. I’ll keep updating, but hope even after 5 days… realize anything is possible if you try.  On to the next day!